Belmont HOA Communication
Cover Letter to Belmont Community Association.
Design Review Application.
Flagpole Denied Decision by Belmont Community Association.
Policy Resolution # 36 Belmont Community Association.
Belmont Community Association Reminder to take down the Flag Pole.
Flag Certificate.
The Virginia Flag Statue.
The Federal Flag Statue.
First Belmont Warning Letter Before the Hearings.
Second Belmont Warning Letter Before the Hearing.
Hearing Notice from Belmont Community Association.
Response to Belmont Community Association Attorney Leslie S. Brown of Rees Broome, PC.
Previous Flag Cases
Colonel Van T. Barfoot in fight with his HOA.
Col. Barfoot flagpole “cease fire”.
Frankly it is easier to get rid of YOU than the FLAG”.
Cherokee Homeowner Sued Over Flag Pole.
Georgia Man Wins Right to Keep Flying American Flag at Home Fox News.
HOA Sues Marine for Flying American Flag on Flagpole.
U.S. Rep. Ted Poe (R-TX) praises Merola’s Flagpole.
Text U.S Rep. Ted Poe(R-TX) praises Merloa’s Flagpole.
Bikers Escort School Kid with his Flag.
Canton Man Wins Flagpole Lawsuit